X.509 Cert Scan September 2016, New Highscore for Windows 7

New X.509 September Cert Scan Highscore for Windows 7 Systems: 192.441 an retired 83.346 on one single PC!!!! Imagine your Network consists of several 1000 PC's and Servers.


Longestliving Certificate (Thanks to Marvel Storage) Year 2108 Issued 2008
, 2nd Place now to our former leader Microsoft Office part of groove Networks Incwith 2101 :-)

Longest retired certificate :expired 1998, issued by Microsoft and used by DVD Maker.....


2948 will expire in the next 30 days, 2883 from MS with (Silverlight, NVIDIA, OFFICE14 and and and).


134 trusts to china, 10 to russia :-) came with standard Software.


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