12.9.2017: EBUS-J : Investment savings, IT-Transformation made easy, Quality and Security by default

EBUS-J : Investment savings, IT-Transformations made easy, reduction of experts needed or reducing time for ready to market solutions or increasing your solutions ability

With our next generation development environment we are able to provide answers to important and company strategic questions like:

- How to find enough experts for providing (future) solutions of my company?

- How could i provide solutions to the market needed with few available experts?

- How could i increase Software Quality and Security?

- How much is maintenance in future for my solutions?

- What happens if technology changes?

- How could i provide fast prototypes and Proof of Concepts and how to evolve them to products?

- What happens if a expert or a group of experts leave with my software?

- How to handle legacy issues to avoid past mistakes in strategy?

- How to avoid legacy?

The Data-Warehouse EBUS-J Technology provides answers to this questions and the Workshop will discuss with Solutions Architects, Deciders technological aspects of current challenges and future problems and how to avoid them with a 30 years IT-development background experience.

Interested or Participants please mail to info (at) dwh.info with the heading EBUS-J  Workshop.

Date: 12.9.2017

Timescale: 9:00-16:00

Participation fee:

1.500€ for enterprises

1 free participant per EBUS-J licensed company

special price for Organisations, Students available.

All participants will receive a Certificate of participation and a free limited version of EBUS-J for self experience .