Deutsche Post AG
  • GeoRoute: house-entrance-precise localisation mapping of the german street network to optimize subsidiaries and path for deliverers
  • PPS-Z: central audit-proof qualitiy-analysis process over all PPS for all Subsidiaries (83), incl. company-wide ranking system, sorting, corporate indicators, central interface system
  • Z-Mail: implementation of the complete e-mail communication for all Subsidiaries (60.000 PC and 600 Server) (1995)
  • FRANIS: complete project restructuring and optimization
  • OperationsCenter: visualization of the entire transport logistics network including ongoing real-time deliveries
  • DCT: data collection tool (start-up project), extended to reference data management system of EF of Airbus DS
  • NDC EF: conception, construction, communication, introduction, operational support, handing over and merger of all EF data under military leadership and long-term availability plus archiving
  • PLCM EF (ISDM-EF): product life cycle-managment system (including IQIMS technology)
  • RDMS EF (4-National): reference data mangagement system of EF international (2004-2012)
  • IT-Analysis: implementation EF in Austrian Federal Army, auditing of the IT infrastructures with solution proposal
  • Border security system: replication of the sensor data of all Oracle databases (over 50 nodes)
  • PL-Concept Marine MKS 180: concept creation in cooperation with ESG and the University of the German Army 
  • RADAR-System Combat Radar Information Management System 
RZB (Raiffeisen Banks Data Center)
  • Role of security officer: riskmanagement, compliance consulting, auditing of the IT-Systems
EV Group
  • Strategic Allignment: analysis and improvement/ adaption of the security structures and processes
  • Implementation of the new CA Administration (incl. accreditation and documentation)
  • Integration e-mail portal,
Telefònica O2
  • Data-Warehouse project (120 TB user data)
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