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Cyber Security by Data-Warehouse

Premium Cyber Security Solutions by Data-Warehouse


CyberSecurity or computer security in networking systems


Based on growing networking of computer systems, companies are faced with new management challenges.

IT as mission-critical asset is vulnerable and spyable from many sides. Increasing IT-security costs without "additional benefits" burden on the revenue and the company's success.

On the other hand, a comparison of costs vs losses must be made through successful burglaries in enterprise systems. Because each company has other "assets" and values, these values can be calculated and estimated only by an optimally adjusted system.

The Data-Warehouse GmbH has grappled in the context of risk management with various topics concerning computer security and found some gaps that are exploited by computer experts.

We have identified on the following topics:

  1. social engineering (links via e-mail with malicious code)
  2. privileged accounts (Advanced rights management, keyword: administrator on time)
  3. certificates and keys (trust relationships between computers, keyword: who can I trust)
  4. user awareness (topic training and training of the employees, thanks to it much easier)
  5. freeware and APPS (company security guidelines )
  6. software update and inventory management (patches, Updates, etc. )

These gaps affect not only hackers, but also the exploitation by government organisations. To assess the security in your company or organisation, we offer products, which enables the security experts to assess enterprise-wide critical and security-related topics.

Depending on the level of knowledge of your company, we help build of your highly efficient CyberSecurity strategy


we support you including: construction

  • optimization of security strategy construction
  • reactivation of active risk management construction
  • management of "asset oriented" management system for securing or enabling value creation
  • support in the implementation of the SRA and SSRS, SecOps or preparation for accreditation


support in the use of cyber security products

  • Trusted software development (development using secure development environments with cost savings, your own product line)
we offer a network-wide and cross-platform, and cross-product certificate management.  

Highscore currently 50,000 certificates on one computer, but only 500 where different.

Current evaluations of computer platforms (please click on the link):
Windows7, div. Linux, MacOS, Oracle Linux: available on request
We are member of the german alliance for cyber security.
Logo: Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit
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