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Software Factory with EBUS-J

Produce Software within short iteration cycles and standardized fabrication processes

What is our Software Factory?

EBUS-J helps you to produce software with extreme short iteration cycles within a 4GL software development platform.

How does it work?

Every program consists within EBUS-philosophy of 3 base components:

Masks (Reports) & Data & Macros (program code): This would be developed inside the integrated development environment of EBUS-J.

Your layout - Your functions!

You are able to use the functionality of the target platforms, like embedding external functions (e.g. JAVA libraries) and OS or hardware dependent functions.

With this organisation of programs into several masks the layout will be very easy and fast. Every mask consists of several functions elemts and these are separated into standardized functional areas (before starting mask, before opening, after opening, etc.)

This separation enforces very short code fragments in the macros.

This efficiency supports also error correction which can be done typically during the incidence call!

Short turnaround Cyles & but longlasting Source Code

Due to the philosophy of generating the target platform code and compile it after the target platforms can be chosen very flexible.This approach also enables many generation cycles and with this a much higher software quality than usual programming environments.

Even if you use 30 year old source code from the 80's within 2 hours of work you will have an up-to-date Java or HTML application which is ready for cloud computing or IOT.

Target platforms are currently: C, Java 1 Tier, Java n-tier, HTML n-tier (Javascript required)

Others in preparation.

Areas of usage:

  • Long term scope projects
  • Security sensitive Software Systems
  • High quality Software Systems
  • Embedded Software Systems
  • Database Applications with a high performance Database
  • Individual Softwaresolutions to your customer
  • Fast exchange of legacy systems
  • Proof of concepts with working functionalities


some sample programs delivered with EBUS-J:


Focus to the solving of your problems not on the solving of others software problems

When it will be available?

NOW just ask for it.



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