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Data-Warehouse story line

The usage of information will be the essential advantage in business development. Every company tries to generate their knowledge in different ways.


Topics like Knowledge-Managment, Business Information Warehouse, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, e-business, SCM, Big Data.... are often used and most of the specialists proclaim their own understanding of these headlines.

With this understanding the first task is to clearify the topics. Every company (and every consulting company) use the same statements and topics, but have their indivisual interpretation.

We define a Data-Warehouse as an information pool which contains all (most) of quality assured information which are needed to solve actual and future tasks.

With the difference of data and information we get a more detailed view on the situation. with this additional viewing angle the potentials are discovered much faster than usual.

The quality of each information is the key-factor for usage. All Reports, Analysing Tools bases on the stored information. The quality assurance ensures the meaning of each data to build up a real information.

The support and definition of workflows and processes supports the correctness of the complete path.

As an additional benefit you´ll get a smaller data pool so that every technique can be used in a most efficient way.

How to proceed?

Take the profits from military best practice in security, reliability and traceability!

A goal of our proceeding is to embed and by building a migration concept to gently implement the existing information with analyzing existing IT-applications and your need for information.

As practice confirms, central information systems can be only be implemented inside an integrated environment of the enterprise with enterprise-critical project priority.

For this all relevant aspects of information management need to be considered like:

  • Accurate analysis of the requirements (as far as known)
  • Analysis of existing systems and their technology
  • Analysis of the organization and the workflows
  • Analysis of data systems and their data quality
  • Definition of an architecture, which is able to fulfill the requirements and is flexible to react to changes quickly.
  • Preparation of a migration concept, in order to integrate current systems
  • Realization of the core systems and gradual extension or migration, according to the requirements

Invariably by creation of a holistic concept it’s possible to develop a resource and cost saving  IT infrastructure that  is flexible and open to technical innovations and flexible.

Also we are able to accompany and support ongoing projects, in order to guarantee entire project success.

In the years we have developed our own product suite to support this philosophy in the most efficient way. The IQIMS product suite is designed for software-developers, customers with the aim of reducing software development by about 90% and quality and legal driven environments to support compliance tasks in a flexible and efficient way with a minimum of costs.


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