Data-Warehouse partner programs

Data-Warehouse is developing a partner program to enable participating companies working close with their vendor.

We are planning the following programs:

Cert'n Key Partner Programs


Audit and Assessment Partner

You are performing security and compliance audits and assessments at your clients and want to enhance the cyber security and customer side with Cert'n Key. We are compiling an auditor suite and after a successful training you would be enabled as a Cert'n Key certified partner with a fixed rate for using the tool.

Implementation Partner

You´re impelmenting Cert'n Key and care about a compliance conform operation. You will be trained to set up and maintain the system at your customer site. Together with our 2nd level support you will be enabled to set up uptimal configurations and operation. Customers are also invited to enahnce their technological capabilities.

Development Partner

You´re developing securitysytems and need additional capabilities of handling certificates, then this program will be optimal for you. We´re preparing interfaces for a step by step integration into other software environments.

Cert'n Key Reseller Program

You want to include Cert'n Key into your product portfolio. For this we are developing a special reseller programm, which is optimised to your sale volume.


You´re invited to apply in advance for a certain program. After a successful pre-check we will contact you as fast as possible to get in touch with our potential partners.

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