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Data-Warehouse is specialized in the area of information management within complex strucures. We have developed solutions to provide a evolutionary realisation path in order to optimize data quality and information integrity inside a company with the inclusion of all pre and postprocessing systems  (eg. SAP, PDM, PPS, SCM systems).


With the combination of the "big" systems and the integration of small solutions and applications in one "overall" Data Center the customer will be enabled to gain new knowledge for extending and improvement of the "big" systems. We use the already existing exisiting systems, industry standards and knowledge and extend them with our special toolset (if needed), knowledge and processes.

Aim is to enable the customer to provide Centralised Individual Solutions with one information base. As long the gib systems cannot provide this solution the DataCenter will provide this. This solution can be developed evolutionary, or iterative to find the optimal way for the users. This standardisation of individualism enables the company to gain important information which usually will be held in Excel-sheets, Access databases far away from analysis.

This improvements will usually lead into  process optimisation like cost reduction, production improvement, increased productivity....


Data-Warehouse has united different philosophies of datamanagment to combine the analysis capabilities with the need of datamanagement and application support.


Typical areas are Supply chain management, catalog systems, logistic information systems, controlling,....

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solutions about lifecycle management of your products

Our solutions will be used for several years (also in aeronautical companies). We have proven in these years the requirements for security, safety, transparency, scalability, expandibility and investment safety.

The usage of the least actual and future reliable versions of industry standards like Oracle Databes, Oracle Middleware Plattforms are our strategy. All applications are web-enabled (Intra- or Internet).

We can provide solutions for the areas:

- supplier managment

- logistic support

- production optimisation

- build standard management

- maintenance and overhaul

- product analysis

- reliabilty, maintainability and testability

- product catalogue strategy

- product documentation

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