"Test your Certs" offer until November (english Version)

"Test your Certs"


"Test your Certs" offer with PCert

Due to our announcement to the partner status of the alliance for cybersecurity we will enhance the period for "Test your Certs" until November.

We offer a special action to assess and verify your held certificates with pcert for a flat rate of 5€ per scan&day. Including PCert usage license. Within one week you will have a detailed overview of your current certificate landscape.

Your will get a first overview of your certificate status and will be enabled to setup your personal risk status and plan further actions.

Topics of this offer:

  • Identification of stored and used certificates with PCert
    • Selfservice Collection of scan results
    • Selfservice Analysis of certificates
      • in cooperation with your company experts
        • e.g. identification of critical certificates and their state
        • e.g. analysis of validity periods
        • e.g. analysis of publishers and trust relations
    • Identification of potential risks (optional)
  • Workshops and communication (optional)
    • communication of results (presentation)
    • training on the job coaching of your experts
  • recommendations of actions (optional action items)
  • Certificate Risk report (optional short version)
    • identified potential risks
    • identified action items


Your Results :

  • Company Risk Status
  • Risk-Report among the tested devices
  • action plan regarding to risk report


This offer includes:


Not included:

  • traveling costs, Training, consulting


To be provided by you:

  • the java enabled devices with sufficient privileges which should be assessed (see FAQ: Pcert Rollout)
    • You´re open to decide which devices should be included into this assessment
      • our suggestion is minimum 3-10 Clients and 1 Server (with 4-5 VM)
      • Clients
      • Server
  • one Point of Contact (Administrator with access privileges) during the assessment.



Purchaser Order to Data-Warehouse for the complete test period and amount of licenses needed

Download your Pcert versions

Perform your individual Scan scenario (Device, Multiple Devices, Network Segment, Network)

Analyse Results


data protection and data security

No data will be processed outside your company facilities. All work will be usually performed on your company provided devices (PC/Notebook/USB-device). If you cannot provide such a device we store all information at a mobile storage device and you mange the physical storage during assessment period. After the assessment all data will be deleted.



all prices are without VAT (as applicable) and will be added at invoicing.

all offers are without obligations up to a official confirmation by Data-Warehouse GmbH.




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