IQIMS with embedded Oracle license

IQIMS with embedded Oracle license

Starting from now we offer IQIMS only with embedded database and webserver licenses.

After a successful assessment we are proud to announce we have a agreement with the leading data base vendor Oracle which allows us to provide licensing for a optimised IT-landscape much easier.

To our customers it will be a tremendous improvement of the supply chain as you have only to license IQIMS. The base technology, provided by the leading de-facto industrial standard for professional databases from Oracle will be now licensed in a non dissolvable bundle. The advantages are simplified licensing to our customers, as the terms and conditions are provided by Data-Warehouse. Also the point of contacts to have a license agreement are reduced to Data-Warehouse. This advantage go within a change of our licens model. We now offer two versions of licensing:

IQIMS Standard Edition for smaller solutions up to 100 users, which should enhance quality with a step by step improvement and development of the companies data landscape to get ready for future strategies like Internet of Things (IoT). This data landscape will be enriched stap by step and continuous with big-data applications and/or with office solutions.

IQIMS Enterprise Edition for bigger consolidations, for which automating of processes, of data quality, flexibility of usage, scalability, plattform independece and preparation for Cloud Solutions are the driver of the business.

Of course both versions include the core functionalities and USP of IQIMS, the fully historised data storage and the meta data based data modelling to enable quick and flexible adaptions to solve immediately any data issue on demand.

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