Products of Data-Warehouse GmbH:
"Made in Germany"

IQIMS on Oracle: Is developed to support transparent, revision safe, fully traceable storage of information. This suite is typically used for data consolidation, data migration, master data management and ensures the customer to build up high efficient, long term state of the art, transparent IT with minimal TCO, personnel and external dependencies (proven e.g. in m-aircraft industry). Also with mobile device management and extensions to future product data management with mobile business apps.

Software-Factory by EBUS-J: Enables everyone to develop JAVA applications with an integrated database system developed fully in
Germany without foreign trade export limitations. With an integrated 4 GL development environment it is now possible to develop more
than 10 times faster JAVA applications only with knowledge of the easy to learn BASIC language. Fully integration of all necessary
functionalities and the possibility to apply any individual JAVA Code, this system allows you to provide much faster results than ever
and high quality products. Cross compatible C++ Code generation is also possible without additional manual programming (EBUS-C).

DWH mobile Apps: mobile communication solutions and platforms, intelligent connection of mobile to stationary communication, clearing systems, mobile workflows, stage of construction management, information management, etc.

PCert Trustmanagement Plattform: First time manages all of your X.509 computer certificates and minimizes cypber-security risks. Pcert scanner finds all certificates located in your devices. It collects all scanned results into a companywide overview and allows the pro-active management and verification of important certificates and prevents from certificate based loss of services and security breaches.

tixxle: Internet as acollaboration pinboard.



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